Commissioning of EU Funded Projects

European Union Delegate Claudia Marinaro receiving the tree for planting during commissioning of European Union Funded Projects in Koboko Municipality.

Commissioning of ICT Lab Project

State Minister for Local Government-Victoria Busigye Rusoke, Minister for Northern Uganda-Grace Freedom Kwiyucwiny and Koboko Municipality Member of Parliament Hon. Dr. Charles Ayume together with other Guests during Commisionaing of ICT Lab in Nyangilia Secondary School Constructed under the CRRF Project Funded by the European Union.

Minister Planting a Tree

State Minister for Local Government-Victoria Busigye Rusoke Planting the Tree at Lasanga Health Centre III during Commissioning of the Facility.

Minister Planting a Tree

Minister for Northern Uganda-Grace Freedom Kwiyucwiny and State Minister for Local Government-Victoria Busigye Rusoke in group photo with Pupils of Nyarilo Primary School.

Koboko Town

Koboko Municipality is located in Koboko District, West Nile sub region, with a population of about 238,000 people. The Municipality is headed by a Mayor as the political leader and a Town Clerk, as the technical head and the accounting officer. It operates under the local government structure with various departments at the Municipal level and divisions, wards, and cells, at the lower levels.

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Koboko Municipality Journey

Koboko Municipality is among the Towns that became prominent due to trade booms in the area where it was a commercial centre and development was taking place at a very fast rate, by 1974 it was elevated to Town Council up to 1979 and in this period it was the headquarters of the then North Nile District. By 1979 due to the war that removed President Iddi Amin Government there was a lot of destruction that brought all development activities to halt and the existing development destroyed and the Town Council ceased and it became an abandoned trading centre. Throughout the 1980s Koboko had virtually ceased to exist as an urban Centre as people were majorly in exile until 1986 when people started to return from exile to resettle and development process restarted to take root again on and eventually by 1990 it became a town board.

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Social Cultural Setup

The Koboko Municipal council has multi cultures due to its position as a commercial centre of Koboko District and being strategic route to South Sudan and DRC. Though it is mainly dominated by Kakwa tribe, it has a number of other tribes living in harmony including the business oriented Indian community and other Investors. The major languages used in the Municipality are Kakwa, Lugbara, Kiswahili, Arabic, and English to small extent Luganda, Luo and Lingala among other languages.

Economic Activities

There are many economic activities in the Municipal Council. The major ones include the following;

Trade in general merchandise, agricultural produce, livestock; Transport business in goods and services; Subsistence Agriculture is being practiced in the outskirts of the Urban Council; Trade in service industry and hospitality business (Garages, Workshops, Saloons, Hotel/Restaurants, Eating Houses); Some few entertainment and recreational centres with more yet to be desired; Financial services like Banks, Micro Fianance Deposit Institutions (MDI), Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOs) and other VSLAs and Real estate business is a rapidly growing sector in the Municipality.

Funded Projects-One

European Union is Funding Koboko Municipal Council (KMC) to implement Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF): Inclusive Urban Development and Mobility Action Project in Koboko Municipality, under the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for stability and addressing root causes of irregular migration and displaced persons in Africa (EUTF). In the Implementation, ACAV is giving Koboko Municipal Council technical assistance through capacity building. This Project covers key area of service delivery on Health, Education and Livelihood of the self settled Urban Refugees and the Host Community living in Koboko Municipality.

Funded Projects-Two

VNG International through the IDEAL Programme is supporting Koboko Municipal Council in garbage collection and management. Three Try cycles are bought under this programme and given to each of the three Divisions in Koboko Municipality for garbage collection. IDEAL aspires to support governance structures at the local government level to become more inclusive, accountable and more responsive to the needs of citizens. This is intended to be achieved by: (1) Delivering Municipal services that are more effective and responsive to local needs; (2) Making local decisions more transparent and inclusive; and (3) Improving the lobby efforts of local government associations to create policies and laws that represent diverse interests.

Appreciation Message

We do appreciate all our donors and partners from different corners whom we are collaborating with in the development of Koboko Municipality.

Tourism and Hospitality

Koboko Municipality is home away from home with marginificiant hotels and guest houses for your accommodation and welfare during your stay in Koboko Municipality

Hotels in Koboko Municipality Include;
Country Motel Koboko, Highway Inn Hotel, De’lambience Hotel, Pearl Inn Hotel, Blue Dove Hotel, Rock Shadow Hotel, Diplomatic Hotel & Guest Houses in Koboko Municipality

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Town Clerk

Message From Clerk

Welcome to the official website of Koboko Municipality in Northern Uganda, West Nile Sub-Region in the Republic of Uganda. Visitors are welcome to explore this communication channel of the Municipality which complements stakeholder engagements, agricultural extension, publications and media features in showcasing work done within the guidance of the Vision of “A Transformed and Prosperous Urban Society by 2040” and Mission “To provide Quality and Sustainable Socio-economic Development to the People of Koboko Municipality through Effective and Efficient Service delivery” Visitors are also welcome to explore the website for more information about the business opportunities, Tourism Activities e.t.c. The Municipality recognizes and prioritizes strategic communication and the use of modern online platforms to reach our various audiences. Visitors are therefore welcome to follow the links to our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube and subscribe to the Municipality to keep up-to-date with vital information from the Municipality. The Municipal Offices are also open to the general public in Koboko Town during official working hours for any consultation regarding our services delivery.
For God and my Country
Mr. Ogweng Patrick
Town Clerk
Koboko Municipality


Message From Mayor

His Worship, the mayor Koboko Municipality Welcome to the official website of Koboko Municipality Municipality where we will interact and share ideas for the betterment of our municipality. The website is an information highway, intended to serve as a medium to communicate and highlight the activities, roles and responsibilities of the municipality. Nonetheless, it is significant to note that the website is not replacing our custom modes of communication through which we get feedback from the public but will rather complement other channels that are instrumental for effective service delivery in the municipality. As a municipality, we intend to harness the capabilities of technology to spur development and also showcase its immense potential to the world. Lastly, let this website be an avenue for us to build a home for us to always cherish. I thank you all and God bless everyone.
For God and my Country
Dr. Sanya Wilson
His Worship, The Mayor
Koboko Municipality

Council Procession

EUTF Project Manager

Integrity, Transparency, Inclusion and Participation, Accountability


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Koboko Muncipality

Please may you follow this map as a guide to reach you to Koboko Municipality

Koboko Municipality
Koboko Municipality on Google Map